Back-up and Contingency Planning

Would your business survive a critical event?

Not only do you have to be vigilant against the threat of malware, viruses and other security breaches, businesses also need to be aware of the physical safety of their data.

  • You probably have some sort of back-up in place, but have you ever checked that it is actually working?
  • Where is that backed-up data stored (Is it all on the same site)?
  • Is your tech safe from fire or fire or flood damage?
  • What would the impact be on your business if the contents of your offices disappeared overnight? 

ITSP support business continuity

We may not be able to sort out your buildings insurance but we can help secure your tech and mitigate against risk with an IT disaster recovery plan.

Having a tested contingency plan for your data and IT systems is a really good way both to evaluate the risks to your business and to insulate yourself against them should the worst happen.

At ITSP, we can design, build implement and maintain resilient systems and disaster recovery services. We will even host your back ups off site in our data centre

Want to protect your business from crisis?

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