About Us

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Who Are ITSP?

IT Support Partners, ITSP to our clients, is an established Managed IT Support Services Provider who has been offering comprehensive support and maintenance packages to small and medium sized businesses since 2002.


Based in Cambridge, ITSP has built up an excellent reputation for quality and ‘over and above’ service with clients and suppliers alike.


Our customers include manufacturing companies, charities, office based agencies and professional services organisations.

What to expect when you choose ITSP

Our services include regular on-site visits, impartial consultations and the knowledge that a familiar human voice is always available to give expert advice.


Staffed by personnel with many years experience in all areas of IT, ITSP focuses on providing a high quality service with a personal, candid approach. Our goal is to manage your IT systems in a way that allows you to concentrate on your core business activities. 


We appreciate that outsourcing any aspect of a business is a difficult decision to make which is why we place such weight on the working relationships we develop. 


You retain the confidence of control and the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is a stable asset to your business

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Meet the Founders

ITSP was founded in 2002 by Diarmuid Coyle and Eddie Rivero. Learn a little more about them below

Eddie Rivero

Eddie Rivero-Director & Co-Founder

After graduating with a degree in Maths & Computer Sciences from Anglia Ruskin University, Eddie made use of his engineering skills by setting up a braille printing service in their library, a service used not only by Anglia, but by Cambridge and other Universities around the country.


He moved on to work in technical sales, where he started creating custom orders for clients and setting up bespoke networks for them. Through word of mouth, he began taking on more networking projects which soon became his full time occupation.


In the late 90s, Eddie began another side project; creating shared calendar software to help his clients to communicate and stay organised. This garnered interest from Microsoft and, although they did not ultimately purchase the software, it was not dissimilar to what you now see as standard in Outlook.


Eddie is community minded and has been a coach for his village’s kids football team for over 10 years!

Diarmuid Coyle-Director & Co-Founder

As Technical Director, Diarmuid Coyle is responsible for product and solution development, strategic planning and ensuring that our customers are kept aware of the latest technology.


 Diarmuid brings more than 25 years of leadership to the table with a broad base of technical engineering, design, operational, consulting, and customer support skills. He has worked in and led corporate IT teams for companies including GEC Plessey, The Generics Group (Sagentia) and Fluency Voice Technology.


Before moving into the world of IT services Diarmuid began his career designing microprocessors for the space industry. 


He was part of a team that developed components for the Cassini mission that went Saturn in the late 90s and the Rosetta probe that landed on a comet in 2014.


Like Eddie, Diarmuid has been involved in a number of different projects within his local community over the years including being chairman of the allotment committee in his local village as well as coaching kids football in the local area for over 15 years.

Diarmuid Coyle IT Support Partners
Eddie Rivero

With Eddie’s client driven organic networking history and Diarmuid’s technical corporate, management experience, they founded ITSP knowing their different backgrounds could bring together diverse elements of the industry, allowing them to achieve a unique perspective on what your business might need.

Honest and open communication is a fundamental ethos of ITSP. Both founders believe that speaking frankly creates trust with clients, something which is essential to serving their business needs.