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The future is in the Cloud

The introduction of Cloud software has revolutionised the way businesses work and collaborate, making it simpler for colleagues to work together and share information regardless of where they are based. 

Whether you’re using Microsoft 365, the Google Suite, Amazon Drive, Dropbox or any of the other cloud networks out there, we can help to ensure that you are doing so securely and in a way which increases efficiency for your business.

What is the Cloud?

In its simplest form, The Cloud is essentially remote server space.

Software companies develop programmes and apps which access and store your data in this server space.

The convenience of this service has revolutionised so many parts of our lives from the way we do business, share information or store our personal photos to the way we consume entertainment and the ease with which we can keep in touch with colleagues, customers, friends and family.

Find Out More About The Cloud

74% of CFOs...

74% of Tech Chief Financial Officers say cloud computing had the most measurable impact on their business in 2017, according to Forbes

18.1% of files...

18.1 percent of files uploaded to cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration services contain sensitive data according to McAfee

73% percent of organisations...

73% percent of organisations have at least one application, or a portion of their computing infrastructure already in the cloud – 17% plan to do so within the next 12 months. IDG

Disaster Recovery...

Disaster recovery, flexibility, and relieving IT staff’s job... 3 more great reasons

Public Cloud

A Public Cloud is server space is owned and operated by a third party.  The most recognisable Cloud services are Microsoft and Google with Amazon playing catch up.

Using Public Cloud services is the most common approach taken by small to medium sized businesses as it usually provides a very reliable and cost effective service.

Public cloud providers are not generally liable for data loss so we recommend maintaining a separate back up protocol.

Private Cloud

A Private Cloud is your own personal remote space. It can be located on site or remotely. You have complete control over how you use the space (unlike with the public cloud).

ITSP offer hosting for off-site servers which can be set up as private clouds with secure VPNs and the ability to customise to your specifications.

Click here to learn about our data centre and private cloud options.

Is the Cloud Secure?

The simple answer is that, when The Cloud is set up, administered and used with security in mind then yes! 

Of course there is no guarantee that one day someone won’t hack the Microsoft, Amazon or Google servers but there is a lot that we can help you you do to mitigate against such threats.

Learn about our cyber security certification programmes here.

Why do I still need support if I'm using the cloud?

The Cloud is revolutionary in so many ways and takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of your IT.

However, a lot of the same or equivalent maintenance, back up and security requirements remain. They are just less visible because the hardware isn’t in front of you.

Many people think that the ‘support’ offered by their cloud provider will cover their needs. It’s true that most providers have incredibly helpful how-to documents and will help you navigate the system. The downside is that this kind of support usually surrounds functionality and doesn’t offer strategic customisation for your specific business. 

Generic support is a bit like getting your car MOT’d; it tells you that it is safe to use – but if you want it to run well and make sure it lasts, you need to get it serviced too. Which is where we come in! 

Talk to us today about on-going management and secure administration of your Cloud systems.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the most well known and commonly used cloud service for business.

It’s an exceptionally powerful tool-set which supports collaboration and communication and it’s the package we recommend for most businesses. 

Microsoft 365 is much more than just a way to access traditional Office applications. With all the tools and platforms available, there is almost certainly something in this package which can increase your team’s productivity.

Click here to get a better understanding of Microsoft 365 functionality and learn how it may be able to help your business, whether you are already using it, or looking to migrate.

Migrating to Office 365

If you like the sound of Microsoft 365 but don’t quite know where to start then we can help.

We recognise that migrating to 365 is daunting. However, we’ve helped many companies through this transition with minimal disruption and incredible results. To add to that, once you’ve migrated, we are here to get you up and running and configure your systems in a secure way which will suit the needs of your business, staff and customers.

If you’re thinking about making the move, call us today to talk through your options.

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