Managed IT Support from ITSP

Why choose managed services?

ITSP’s Managed Support Service is about more than just fixing a broken computer or recovering your data when someone knocks a cup of tea over their laptop. We will still do that of course, but our main aim is to work in partnership with you to help you achieve your business goals through the use of IT.

We build a partnership with you over time, in which our interests are aligned with yours. We get to know you and your business so we can advise the best ways to harness the power of your existing systems, implement improvements and advise on how technology can help you to grow.

“When you have a Managed Services Agreement with IT Support Partners, it’s in both our interests to make sure your systems and devices are reliable and fit for purpose. Our mission is to give you enough peace of mind that you don’t even think about your IT, you just get on with business.”

Diarmuid Coyle, Director & Co-Founder

Learn more about our client's experiences

ITSP have worked with Coalesce for nearly a decade. In this video, their founder and CEO, talks about how this partnership has benefited his company.

Empowering employees with the correct tools to effectively perform their roles, ensuring business systems are fit for purpose as well as keeping data security front and centre, is what we strive for.

Knowing our clients and understanding their business drivers means that, as technology moves forward, we can recommend and implement bespoke changes and make relevant, business specific updates to systems which reflect these advancements.

How we Deliver our Services

Our services is delivered in a number of ways to allow flexibility and convenience for you and your staff. 

We have a manned Helpdesk where you can register any issues, though you can always pick up the phone.Your managed service includes regular on-site visits, secure remote access monitoring and user support.

We want you to feel like we are part of your team. Whilst we won’t be based on site, we work to a specified response time so you can be sure that whenever you need it, your support is there waiting. 

What are the other benefits?

A Partner you can Trust

Trust is important to us in all of our partnerships, but we understand that it takes a while to build.  

Some providers base their services on a certain number hours support, with additional support or call outs being charged hourly. Essentially they get paid more when things break – We think there is a better way!

You don’t pay us to repair faults, you pay us to make sure your systems work smoothly, reliably and have adequate protection from failures. All whilst maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability. 

Predictable Costs

We pride ourselves on offering a high quality, value for money service. ITSP’s support services are tailored to individual requirements, which means we can offer you a plan which fits your business needs and your budget.

We clearly define and agree the scope of work in advance. You know what your costs are up front and what that includes. – no catches, no hidden clauses!

Proactive Quality Support

We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

We don’t cut corners and we don’t just wait for something to go wrong before acting. Our technicians are constantly monitoring your systems, keeping an eye out for any anomalies and making sure software updates and security patches are run regularly.

Increased  Reliability

As a managed service provider, the more areas of your infrastructure you outsource to us, the better we can monitor it and flag, and therefore avoid,  any potential failures or weaknesses.

This leads to more robust systems and less downtime for you and your team.

ITSP view a well maintained, fit for purpose IT infrastructure as an essential asset to your business, not a necessary evil!

Impartial Consultancy

As a strategic partner who knows your business, we can help you understand what the opportunities and threats are in the context of your IT systems. We outline and review your options, agree a plan and implement the best solution for you.

Learn more about our project management and consultancy services here.

Sounds good right?

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